Leading through Influence

In today’s hectic and complex business environment, managers and leaders must influence and persuade others by creating successful and effective working relationships. The ability to influence is critical to impact reputation and success.

Gaining buy-in from internal and external stakeholders is an essential part of becoming a great leader. Having the ability to influence colleagues at all levels requires understanding what your personal approach is and how to refine that to maximize your persuasiveness. This course will introduce you to the latest strategies in persuasion to help you diagnose, analyse, and refine your influencing approach. You’ll learn from our faculty who have mastered the art of influencing in the workplace and put theoretical strategies to the test in immersive simulations with peers and actors.

On completion of this course you will

  • Have a deep understanding of your own innate influencing approach
  • Have grasped the influencing styles of others, and understand how to adjust your approach for maximum effectiveness
  • Have learned how to apply these theories of persuasion and influence to real challenges you’re currently facing in the workplace


10 Feb – 14 Feb 2021
27 Apr – 01 May 2020
22 Jun – 26 Jun 2020
28 Sep – 02 Oct 2020
20 May – 22 May 2020
23 Sep – 25 Sep 2020
25 Nov – 29 Nov 2020


Our Dartford Kent Centre, UK


This is a five day course


£4,750 + VAT
(fee excludes accommodation)